2021 Glyco@Alps Scientific Day

on the June 7, 2021

Digital meeting

The Glyco@ALPS project is completing its first cycle of transverse research initiated by IDEX in 2017, thanks to ANR funding. We invite you to participate in our Scientific Day on June, 7, 2021, which aims to offer a snapshot of the research conducted over the past three years.
Come and discover the rich work of our research community on the theme!

Given the health constraints, we propose this day in a digital format on Zoom.
It is open and registration is free.

Program Annual Day 2021 Glyco@Alps – June 7

9:00am General introduction,

Anne Imberty, CERMAV

9:15am Glycodiversity: Alpine Glycoressources (Work Package 1)

  • Introduction/Objectives, Eric Maréchal (LPCV)

  • Institutes: LGP2 (Christine Chirat), LPCV (Eric Maréchal), CERMAV

  • Researches presentation
    . Alberto Amato (LPCV), Functional genomics in microalgae within the frame of WP1.
    . Hélène Curmi (LGP2/Biorefinery: chemistry and eco-processes research group), Extraction of phenolic compounds coming from lignin during hydrothermal treatment of pulp mill residues.

  • Perspectives

9:55am Break

10:10am Glyco-innovation : Enabling Glycotechnologies & Toward a glyco-economy

10:15am Enabling Glycotechnologies (Work package 4)

  • Introduction/Objectives (Aurélie Bouchet)

  • Institutes: Symmes (Pascale Delangle), MEM (Thierry Deutsch)

  • Researches presentation
    . Elisa Migliorini (BRM, IRIG-CEA), Unveil the role of GAGs on growth factor signaling with biomimetic platforms.
    . Franck Dahlem (CERMAV), Nanopiezotronics and nanotribotronics with glycomaterials.

10:50am Toward a Glyco-economy: Innovation and sustainability (Work Package 5)

  • Introduction/Objectives (Frédéric Corolleur)

  • Institutes: Gael, G-SCOP

  • Researches presentation
    Frédéric Corolleur (Gael), Results: publication, thesis, current collaboration (CERMAV-GAEL-LISIS)
    Maud Rio (G-SCOP), Merging innovation and sustainability in Glycoscience based products: the scaling-up challenge.

11:30am Perspectives in Glyco-innovation


12:00am - 2:00pm Break


2:00pm Molecules & Materials : Sweet Biomolecules & Smart Glycomaterials

2.05pm Sweet Biomolecules (Work Package 2)

  • Introduction/Objectives, Romain Vives (Structure & Activités des Glycosaminoglycanes, Institut de Biologie Structurale)

  • Institutes: IBS (C. Laguri), DCM ( J. Dejeu), IAB (J.-L. Coll), CERMAV

  • Researches presentation
    . Marie Couturier (CERMAV, CNRS), Glycosaminoglycan degradation by Prevotella oris, a member of the human gut microbiota.
    . David Goyard (DCM), Multifunctional Glycoconjugates for Recruiting Natural Antibodies against Cancer Cells.

2:40pm Smart Glycomaterials (Work Package 3)

  • Introduction/Objectives, Rachel Auzely (CERMAV)

  • Institutes: CERMAV (Laurent Heux), DCM, LGP2, LRP

  • Researches presentations
    . Raphael Michel (CERMAV), Polysaccharide-based Composite Hydrogels : Molecular Interactions, Physicochemical Properties and Biomedical Applications.
    . Leonardo Chiappisi (ILL), Glycoscience at the ILL: a perspective from the soft matter labs.

3:15pm Perspectives in Molecules & Materials

3:25pm Break 15mn

3:40pm Glyco Club

(Christelle Breton, CERMAV)

4:00pm Conclusion and perspectives Glyco@Alps

4:30pm End


Published on June 4, 2021

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