Feedback of Rodica M. Dinica: guest researcher at Glyco@Alps

on the September 6, 2018

Rodica M. Dinica, researcher at Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, received a Glyco@Alps grant as a guest researcher. She stayed one month at the DPM (Department of Molecular Pharmacochemistry).
Rodica M. Dinica:
"Thanks to the one month grant received from GlycoAlps, I had the chance to be involved in a project in link with the functionalization of celluloses and/or MFC that is currently developed by the DPM team in collaboration with two other laboratories in Grenoble (CTP and LGP2).

As a specialist of the indolizine chemistry, I worked on its application as tool to link molecules of interest (fluorescent labels or drugs) to various supports or scaffolds, such as cellulose fibers or MFC.

More specifically, I was interested in the well-known Girard reagents, commercially or easily available synthons, which are commonly used to introduce positive charges on oxidized cellulosic materials.  My goal was to modify the pyridinium salt of the P-Girard reagent, to convert it into acyl hydrazides and hydrazones, and to study their ability to form fluorescent indolizines by reaction with alkynes.  These two-step coupling reactions would be very useful for the functionalization of carboxylic acids or aldehydes containing scaffolds.

The preliminary studies conducted so far have shown that various pyridinium containing hydrazides, similar to the Girard reagents, can be easily obtained and characterized. These compounds are stable, but the hydrazones obtained after reaction with simple aldehydes appeared much less stable, especially in slightly acidic medium. In order to increase their stability and allow their use in various aqueous and non-aqueous conditions, we envision that modifying the electronic properties of the pyridine ring of the P-Girard reagent by introducing various substituents, should allow us to find the best compromise between stability and reactivity.

My participation on this research topic was very interesting, combining my various interests and widening my scientific knowledge to new fields (cellulose and nanofiber chemical modifications).  Hopefully this one-month stay will also open the way to the development of new collaborative projects between Grenoble and Galati (Romania)".
Published on September 6, 2018