Feedback of Sebastián Cerminati: guest researcher at Glyco@Alps

on the July 12, 2019

Sebastián Cerminati, researcher at IPROBYQ- CONICET, Argentina received a Glyco@Alps grant as a guest researcher. He stayed two months at CERMAV.
Feedback of Sebastián CerminatiSebastián Cerminati:
"My two months research in CERMAV supported by GlycoAlps has given me the opportunity of optimizing the production of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) organism, Bacillus subtilis; as well as optimizing the purification and characterization of the HA produced.

HA is a linear unbranched high-molecular-weight glycosaminoglycan. Composed of repeated N-acetylglucosamine and glucuronic acid units, it is currently obtained from rooster combs and certain attenuated strains of the group C Streptococcus, which naturally synthesize this compound as part of their outer capsule. This presents several drawbacks including the presence of unwanted by-products and the risk of contamination with bacterial toxins, allergens, etc.
Using a synthetic biology toolbox for B. subtilis developed at IPROBYQ, I was able to obtain a  B. subtilis strain with an specific HA productivity far above the yields reported in the literature, which may be employed to produce high-quality safe HA at industrial scale.

During the stay, I was able to optimize the conditions for HA production in high cell density cultures using low cost salt based culture media and evaluate the effect of different growth conditions, such as carbon source and time of induction on HA molecular weight. Furthermore, I was able to optimize the process of purification and characterize the HA obtained, using the expertise of CERMAV scientists in this field.
My participation on this research topic was very interesting: it gave me the opportunity to widen my scientific knowledge to new fields and to strength the bonds between CERMAV and IPROBYQ for future collaborations."

Published on August 29, 2019