Feedback of the GLyco@Alps scientific day

on the May 21, 2018

The first “Glyco@Alps scientific day” took place on March 29 at the CLV, University campus of Grenoble. More than 80 persons attended the event.
Anne Imberty, director of Glyco@Alps, opened this day with a presentation of Glyco@Alps’ activities. Then, each work packages (scientific fields) were presented with a short and general presentation of it, a scientific presentation by an expert and the scientific presentations of two young researchers.

The audience enjoyed the poster and demonstrations sessions. Our jury, composed of Jérôme Dejeu (DCM), Maud Rio (G-Scop), Romain Vives (IBS) and Julien Bras (LGP2) evaluated the 4 demonstrations and 10 posters.

Mélissa Conte (BIG CEA) won the third prize (a book) for her observation of snow algae. Lukas Gajdos (Cermav) won the second prize (an external drive) for his poster “Caracterizing lectin-glycan interactions by neutron diffraction. Finally, Laura Gauthier (SyMMES) won the first prize (a tablet) for her poster “Innovative therapeutic strategies for Wilson disease”.

Published on May 18, 2018