Feedback of the International workshop "On the future of glycoscience?"

on the July 15, 2019

Glyco@Alps organized an international workshop "On the future of glycoscience?" during the Global Challenges Science Week on June, 5 and 6.
The Global Challenges Science Week was the perfect opportunity for Glyco@Alps to organize an international symposium firmly turned towards the future of our interdisciplinary domain in Europe. International collaboration is in our fabric with five PhD students in co-tutelle with European laboratories. It was therefore the occasion to invite the PIs from our partner universities (Trondheim, Cambridge, Napoli, Geneva and Hannover) as well as our collaborator from Max-Planck Institute of Potsdam. This gave us a large window on glycosciences, from physical colors in plants, to algi or bacterial polysaccharides, medical application and bioinformatics. The plenary conference from Prof. Rita Gerardy, highlighting the importance of glycocompounds in aging of neurons and memory was the perfect illustration of the interaction of glycosciences with other scentific domains, i.e. neuroscience in this particular case.

Video of Rita Gerardy's plenary conference

The interdisciplinarity was extended to bioeconomy in Europe with the participation of the a representative of SusChem, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry.  Selected talks from the different workpackages were much appreciated. The symposium was also the occasion to open the collaborative projects to new research teams in Grenoble: the presentations about the mechanics of wood vessels (Liphy) or the use of neutrons to study polysaccharide/lipid mixture (ILL) were much appreciated. The poster session was very successful with more than 25 posters. The young researchers financed by Glyco@Alps, who are the core of our Glyco@Club, were invited to present flash talks. They were indeed very efficient in hightlighting the results from the first part of the thesis.

Video about this event

Published on July 15, 2019