Glyco@Alps scientific day

on the March 29, 2018

Glyco@Alps is pleased to organize the first “Glyco@Alps scientific day”. It will take place on March, 29th at the CLV, University campus of Grenoble.
The Glyco@Alps scientific day is intended to scientists and students who are interested by Glycosciences. There will be talks about various scientific topics. Participants are invited to present their research with a demonstration or a poster.
Planned demonstrations:
Observation of snow algae by Mélissa Conte and Eric Maréchal
Chitin observation in the Crab shell (title to confirmed) by François Portier
Unilectin, a web platform for the exploration of classified and predicted lectins by François Bonnardel
Virtual reality: observation of cellulose nanocrystals, starch double helix, polysaccharide RG2, lectin and glycosine transferase by Serge Perez and Alain Rivet

The 3 best posters / demonstrations will be awarded !
- 1st prize: a tablet
- 2nd prize: an external drive
- 3rd prize: a book
Online Registration is free.
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Poster GlycoAlps scientific day


8:30  Welcome coffee/tea
9:00  Welcome speech Anne Imberty
  WP1: Alpine Glycoressources
 9:15 Presentation of the WP1 Eric Maréchal (LPCV)
  Jardin du Lautaret : entre science et tourisme, un fabuleux terrain de recherche Jean-Gabriel Valay (SAJF)
  Extraction of hemicelluloses from softwood and hardwood cellulosic fibers by enzymatic treatments Jahan Golestani (LGP2)
   Structural investigation of polysaccharides: from molecules to plant tissues Yu Ogawa (Cermav)
10:15   Break
 WP5: Toward a glyco-economy: Innovation and sustainability
 10:45 Presentation of the WP5 Maud Rio (G-Scop)
  The two faces of glycoeconomics Aurélie Level (GAEL)
  Overview of glycobased products’ lifecycle models Maud Rio (G-Scop)
WP3: Smart Glycomaterials
11:30 Presentation of the WP3 Rachel Auzély (Cermav)
  Nanocellulose functionnalization for superhydrophobic surface Julien Bras (LGP2)
  3D foams produced with biobased material (title to be confirmed) Emeline Talansier (LRP)
  Reversibly crosslinked polysaccharide hydrogels via boronate ester bonds: relationships between small molecule crosslinkers and macroscopic mechanical properties Tamiris Figueiredo (Cermav)
 12:30  Lunch, demonstrations and posters
WP4: Enabling Glycotechnologies
14:45 Presentation of the WP4  
  Structural fingerprinting of protein deposits and protein-binding sites by DNP-enhanced NMR Sabine Hediger (MEM)
  Combinatorial assembly of disaccharides on the microarray for the development of a versatile electronic tongue  Yanxia Hou-Broutin (SyMMES)
  Structural analysis of the polysaccharide sequence William Helbert (Cermav)
  WP2: Sweet Biomolecules
16:00 Presentation of the WP2 Romain Vives (IBS)
  Interactions multivalentes saccharides-lectines Nathalie Berthet (DCM)
  Characterization of chondroitin sulfate-Semaphorin 3A interaction in the brain Lynda Djerbal (IBS)
  Aziridinyl iminosugars: new probes for glycosidases ? Salia Tangara (DCM)
 17:00  End of the workshop William Helbert (Cermav)

Published on March 28, 2018

Practical informations


Centre de langues vivantes, campus universitaire de Grenoble
Between the tram station "Bibliothèques Universitaires" and the tram station "Condillac-Universités"