Kickoff Meeting - "Glyco@Alps 2022-2025"

on the November 15, 2022

9.00 am - 2.00pm
Salle Conference Jean Kuntzmann

Free participation

The CDP Glyco@alps has been renewed for the period 2022-2025. The Kickoff meeting gathered more than 80 scientists from UGA laboratories for presentation of the Workpackages and discussion about next projects.
Vignette de presentation du kickoff


9h00 : Welcome and general introduction (Romain Vivès)

9H15 : WP1

      9H15 : Introduction of WP1 (Frédéric Pignon)

9H20 : Clément de Loubens (LRP) : Elaboration of core-shell glycomaterials

9H35 : Emma COLOMBARI (INP) : Structured composites from glycomaterials for House and building industry

9H50 : questions/discussion

10H00 : WP2

      10H00 : Introduction of WP2 (David Goyard)

10H05 : Angela Martin Serrano Ortiz (DCM) : Antibody recruiting glucose dendrimers for cancer therapy

10H20 : Elisa Migliorini (CEA-Biosanté/BRM): Understanding the role of GAG on the signaling of growth factors with biomaterials

10H35 : questions/discussion

10H45 : Coffee break

11H15 : WP3

      11H15 : Introduction par les WP leaders

11H20 : Jean le Pennec (IRIG BRM-IBS) Biophysical approach to decipher the role of glycosaminoglycans

11H35 : Samuel Quintero Herrera (G-SCOP) Evaluation of sustainable strategies in the supply chain of raw milk production in Mexico

11H50 : questions/discussion

12H00 : Flash presentations of ticket projects selected

12H30 : Plenary lecture. Dounia Dems (Ceebios) Biomimetism as a strategy for sustainable innovation

13H00 : Lunch


Participants à la journée


Published on January 4, 2023

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