Mini-symposium on Smart Glycomaterials

on the October 10, 2019

Glyco@Alps organize, as part of its workpackage 3, a Mini-symposium on Smart Glycomaterials. The aim is to promote exchanges between scientific and industrial peoples, on the subjects of glycosciences and bio-sourced materials. The event is postponed in 2020 !
following 3 themes:
- Nano-organized bio-based materials for technological applications (energy, electronics);
- Design of functionalized materials for medical applications;
- Design of new structural and biomimetic materials.

Each presentation will be realized by associating an industrialist and a researcher, and followed by exchanges of the type "questions / answers".

This mini-symposium is an opportunity to benefit from the double contribution of scientific and industrial experiments, for your own projects ou research.

The event is postponed in 2020 !

Published on September 25, 2019

Practical informations


LGP2 / Grenoble INP Pagora
Domaine universitaire
461, rue de Papeterie
F-38400 St Martin d'Hères