Training day for scientific culture in chemistry

on the March 20, 2019

Glyco@Alps contributed with a conference and two visits of laboratories to the training day for scientific culture in chemistry.
The Institute of Chemistry (INC) has offered secondary school teachers a national training day to enrich their knowledge and scientific culture. In the morning, this training offers two conferences of recognized researchers on the major advances in chemistry in the fields of energy, materials, environment and health. Visits of CNRS regional chemical laboratories are offered in the afternoon.

Anne Imberty (Cermav) gave a talk about “Sugars against microbes”. The visit of Cermav allowed to approach the themes of Biomolecules, crystals, sugars, cell factory, hydrogels and nanoparticles. DCM shared its expertise about synthetic chemistry, characterization and vectorization of molecules, bio-sensors and bio-batteries. DPM organized a visit about synthesis, extraction, control of molecules with therapeutic interest and of drugs, until bringing to the market.


Published on March 25, 2019