Upscaling glycosciences: from the test tube to the eco-innovating industry

on the November 9, 2018

From 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Glyco@Alps organized a symposium about: Upscaling glycosciences: from the test tube to the eco-innovating industry. It happened on November 9th at Grenoble in the School of Industrial Engineering, Grenoble INP.

Upscaling glycosciences: from the test tube to the eco-innovating industry has gathered the Glycosciences community on November 9th 2018 at the Grenoble INP School of Engineering. This day brought together more than 70 participants: academic researchers from various disciplines and companies.

Three introductory presentations were given: Prof. William Helbert from CERMAV introduced the symposium; As. Prof. Maud Rio (G-SCOP) set the topic of the day about the issue of upscaling in industry, as well as the life cycle thinking in a sustainability approach. Prof. Peggy Zwolinski (G-SCOP) eventually explained more in depth the related stakes addressed to industrial processes and industrial engineering in this approach.

Companies were then invited to present their industrial viewpoints on the topic illustrated by their experience: Jean-François Sassi (CEA Cadarache) on the ALGUEX project, Philippe Talaga (Sanofi) about glycoconjugate vaccines, and Gilberto Siquiera (EMPA, Zurich) on nanocellulose materials 3D printings.

The afternoon was focused on the perspectives related to some innovative processes. A roundtable was animated by Prof. Nadège Troussier (UTT) questioning three young future entrepreneurs, under projects maturation, about upscaling and eco innovation issues: Vivien Deloule, Marlène Rippe, Lauric Gaffiot and Robin Poirot for the Funcell, Innov'gel and the Hemicellprebio future businesses. This discussion was followed by an academic presentation performed by As. Prof. Pauline Marty about the importance of the territories for bioproductions, in regard to the local stakes for glyco-industry contexts. Dr. Damien Evrard (G-SCOP) then presented an overview of new technic potentials for an eco-innovative production, such as additive manufacturing, augmented reality, and immersions during design.

Finally, Prof. Nadège Troussier (UTT) summarised the key points of the day through the « grand témoin » exercice. The necessity of adopting a multiscales approaches for designing sustainable futures was demonstrated by the number of research experiences gathered by her research team at the UTT.

Prof. Anne Imberty (CERMAV) concluded this dense and exiting GlycoScience journey.



Published on November 29, 2018

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