Alpine Glycoressources

Work-package 1 aims at exploring, recording and evaluating the unique chemical and biological diversity of glycomolecules (oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, glycolipids) found in the Alps. WP1 will be rooted in the local territory, combining the exploration of the molecular diversity in an existing feedstock (wood), along with the exploration of an unknown biodiversity (mountain microalgae).

Sweet Biomolecules

Work-package 2 will use all chemical and biological tools to produce bioactive glycans and explore their roles as biomarkers and therapeutics. WP2 aims at a better understanding of the biochemical pathways of glycan biosynthesis and assembly and use of the knowledge of their function to develop personalized medical care.

Smart Glycomaterials

Work-package 3 will take advantage of carbohydrate-based materials and their remarkable ability to self-organize into 2D or 3D structures with outstanding properties. WP3 will rely on the expertises of specialists of polysaccharide studies (polymer chemists, material scientists, process engineers), who will work together alongside with technologists and biomaterial designers in a wide range of applications: health care, cosmetics, material chemistry, sport and leisure, pharmaceutics and automotive.

Enabling Glycotechnologies

Work-package 4 will develop new technologies for the detection and characterization of glyco-compounds and libraries of compounds for long term use. The developments in synthetic and analytical methods, and the set-up of glycoscience databases will provide a tool-kit for the community


Toward a glyco-economy: Innovation and sustainability

The major objective of WP5 is to explore the impact of glycosciences on the emergence and structuration of new industrial sectors by analyzing on the one hand their economic determinants and on the other hand the economic and environmental efficiency through a life cycle assessment. WP5 will be strongly related to WP1 to WP4 for exchange of information about industrial applications. In return, the results of WP5 will enlighten these WPs about the constraints and opportunities to diffuse their results in a sustainable way to the society.

Communication and training

WP 6 will act for the visibility of Glyco@Alps at the national and international level. Attraction of talented PhD students will be based on the implementation of a strong community of young glyco-scientists, with international visibility. WP6 activity will also be transversal to the other WPs for the organisation of summer-schools and scientific symposia with partners of the European network of glyco-centers of excellence that will be established during the project.