Glyco@alps has recruited 11 PhD students on interdisciplinary projects co-directed by two teams of IDEX, and 5 joint PhD theses with partners from different European universities. More will be recruited.
This group of 16 students has been recruited through a highly selective process (targeting 50% of foreign applicants) for nucleation of a larger “Glyco@Club of Young Scientists”.  This program is transverse to the existing doctoral schools. The aim is to provide high quality, interdisciplinary training in the field of glycosciences and their applications to the large group of PhD students and post-docs involved in glycosciences located in Grenoble (about 100 young scientists). Career development activities are routinely managed by the Doctoral College at UGA. In addition, some courses are dedicated to professional insertion (e.g. partnership with local business schools).

The project takes advantage of the participation of environmental scientists, economists and industrial partners (also potential recruiters) to introduce fields that are often excluded from the world of a glycoscientist. Social network community is supported and organization of social events by the Glyco@Club is encouraged.

PhD students of Glyco@Alps

The representatives of PhD students of Glyco@Alps are Juliette Francillon, Rubal Ravinder and Adeline Stewart.
 Adeline Stewart  Alpine microalgae -Evaluation of the biodiversity of microalgae in alpine ecosystems and role of their glycolipids in the adaptation to high-altitude conditions  Eric Maréchal (LPCV), Eric Coissac (LECA) & Jean-Gabriel Valay (Station Alpine Joseph Fourier)
 Juliette Francillon  Hemicelluloses oligomers from wood -Molecular diversity of oligosaccharides from wood  Christine Chirat (LGP2 - Grenoble INP-Pagora) & Claire Boisset-Helbert (CERMAV)
 François Bulteau  Anti-Cancer Lectin-Clusters  Fieschi Franck (IBS), Jean Luc Coll (IAB) & Olivier Renaudet (DCM)
 Claire Desfrançois  Mechanical force-triggered drug delivery systems combining polysaccharides and lipid nanoparticles  Isabelle Texier-Nogues (CEA, LETI-Health)& Rachel Auzely (CERMAV)
 Marie Carrière  Design of cargo carbohydrates based vesicles decorated with gold nanoparticles and antibodies for bio medical analytical applications  Karine Gorgy (DCM) & Redouane Borsali (CERMAV)
 Daniel Marquez  Versatile biosensor for deciphering glycosyltransferase activity  Aurélie Bouchet-Spinelli (SyMMES/CREAB) & Olivier Lerouxel (CERMAV)
 Rubal Ravinder  Synthesis and Bioactivity of Sulfated Glycomimetics*  Sami HALILA (CERMAV) & Romain VIVES (IBS)
 Meriem Maalej  Deciphering the recognition of lectins by glycan motifs of lipopolysaccharides by NMR  Jean-Pierre Simorre (IBS) & Tony Molinaro (Naples)
 François Bonnardel  A bioinformatics study of lectin classification and identification in genomes  Anne Imberty (CERMAV)& Frédérique Lisacek(Genève)
 Axel Fouques  Biomimetic photonic cellulose films Laurent Heux (CERMAV) & S. Vignolini (Cambridge)
Malgorzata Sulewska Engineering the product profile of an heparosan synthase Bernard Priem (CERMAV) & Rita Gerardy-Schahn (Hannover)
Yoann Crétinon Structural features involved in Heparan sulfate binding and processing by HSulf extracellular sulfatases Romain Vives (IBS) & Rime Kerfah (NMR-Bio)
Stéphanie Bolik Role of acyl-sulfoquinovosyl-diacylglycerol in biomembrane architecture and interactions Juliette Jouhet (LPCV)
Rania Harrabi Development of NMR by DNP (nuclear dynamic polarization) for the study of glycopolymers Gael De Paepe (CEA Inac)
Bastien Michel CYCLOCELL Project : cyclodextrin functionalized nanocellulose for tissue engineering applications Julien Bras (LGP2 - Grenoble INP-Pagora)
Martina Ayoub Open innovation strategies to shape the new paradigm of bioeconomy Mirelle Matt (INRA) & Stéphane Lhuillery (Néoma)

*This  thesis is funded by the ANR

Published on June 4, 2019