Glyco@Club's activities

A diversity of events are organized by the Glyco@Club or linked to it.
Future events
  • January 18th to February 15th: Glyco@Alps offers a limited number of grants for PhD students and young researchers who will attend a scientific event to present their work in 2018. More information
  • April 23th & 24th: A Glyco@Club committee is organizing the "Glyco@Club days" which will take place in the Station Alpine of Lautaret on April, 23th and 24th. More information (program and registration).

Past events
  • December 20th: Robin Poirot from Cermav will defend his thesis. More information
  • December 15th: Carlo Pifferi from I2BM will defend his thesis. More information
  • December 4th: The Glyco@Club first meeting was the occasion to have information about the Glyco@Club and to meet each other. More information
  • December 1st: Erwan Gicquel from LGP2 have defended his thesis. More information

Published on February 1, 2018