10th Glyco@Event with Steve W. Cui

on the September 21, 2018

At 10:00 a.m.
Professor Steve W. Cui from Guelph Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, is the 10th invited speaker participating to the Glyco@Events. The event will take place on Friday, September 21th at Rassat building, conference room.
The 10th Glyco@Event will take place at LRP (Rassat building) on Friday, September 21th from 10:00. The invited speaker is Professor Steve W. Cui from Guelph Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, who will give a talk on “Bioactive Polysaccharides: Sources, Structures and Functional Properties”. Two young glycoscientists from Glyco@Alps will kick off the event with short talks.

10:00 Young glycoscientists talks
10:40 Coffee break and discussions
11:00 Invited speaker: Steve W. Cui

Invited speaker

Bioactive Polysaccharides: Sources, Structures and Functional Properties

Steve W. Cui from Guelph Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

In addition to the conventional functionalities such as increase of viscosity or form a gel, many natural polysaccharides exhibit beneficial physiological activities including antitumor activities, stimulate and regulate immune systems, antioxidant activities and anti-inflammatory properties. However, most polysaccharides are classified as nonspecific bioactive substances because their exact modes of action are unknown, and chain conformation of their active components was undefined. Recent studies carried out in our laboratory as well as from other labs showed that both polysaccharide primary structure and chain conformation are important factors affecting their bioactivities. In the last five years we have identified a number of natural polysaccharides exhibiting bioactivities, including polysaccharides from edible mushrooms, psyllium, yellow mustard seeds, and other sources. This presentation intends to review the sources, extraction and fractionation methods, primary structures and conformational properties of selected natural polysaccharides which exhibited bioactivities. 


Young scientists talks

Advances in Life Cycle Assessment of glyco-based products
Damien Evrard (G-SCOP)

The research topic concerns novel processes or novel products environmental assessment thorough Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Glyco-based products involve novel processes raising LCA issues tackled in this research. The first limitation for LCA is data availability. This can be partially solved thanks to the scientific literature. Then, the applicability of these data either coming from lab experiment or pilot installation need to be extrapolated to industrial installations in order to have an assessment which is as close to reality as possible. Such industrial « reality » involves: the in-use time period and the product (or process) users behavior and the market context to be extrapolated, the energy and material flows as input resources to be modeled, the associated end-of-life scenarios to build, etc. Under these resulting constraints a few methodological and evaluation results have been found. These first findings lead to the identification of new gaps and perspectives for further researches initiated during the glycol@alps project.

Ultrasound in heterogeneous medium : fundamental aspect and biomass valorisation
Ayoub Barchouchi (LRP)

Based on its physical and chemical effects, ultrasound is widely used for industrial purposes, especially in heterogeneous media at low (LF) or high frequency (HF). Nevertheless, even if ultrasound is involved in the field of process intensification, few fundamental studies have been carried out to provide an understanding of involved phenomenon in this heterogeneous media. Two different cases are highlighted by this presentation. The first one is based on the coupling of HF and LF ultrasound in order to induce both defibrillation and chemical surface modification of nanocellulose in a one-step reactor. The second case aims to acquire a better knowledge on the influence of ultrasound at solid-liquid interface, according to the structural and geometric properties of the solid.
Published on September 10, 2018

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