Award of Adeline Stewart at the Scientific Game Jam 2018

on the March 21, 2019

Adeline Stewart from Glyco@Alps won the first prize of the Scientifc Game Jam 2018 with the video game Algocalypse Now.
Adeline Stewart (LECA/LPCV) won the first prize of the Scientific Game Jam 2018 with the video game Algocalypse Now.

On the occasion of the Scientific Game Jam 2019, we congratulate Adeline Stewart for her victory at the 2018 edition. PhD student at Glyco@Alps, Adeline Stewart (LECA/LPCV) works on “Alpine microalgae - Evaluation of the biodiversity of microalgae in alpine ecosystems and role of their glycolipids in the adaptation to high-altitude conditions”. She shared her expertise to create a video game called Algocalypse Now.

The Scientific Game Jam lasted 48 hours during the week-end of March 23-25, 2018. Constituted on site, each team included a game designer, a graphic designer, a programmer, a sound designer and a young scientist. The objective was to develop a video game in only 48 hours with the accompaniment of mediators of the Casemate (CCSTI Grenoble), researchers and creatives. Prototypes of video games were presented to the public and a jury of professionals the Sunday at 4 pm to award 3 prizes.

Adeline Stewart's team won first prize with the game Algocalypse Now. The eight members of the Maki Hunters team proposed a shoot'em up. This kind of video game is based on a character or a vehicle that must destroy a large number of enemies with increasingly powerful weapons while dodging shots. Adeline Stewart has contributed with her knowledge to build the world of the game on the theme of the action of algae on biodiversity.

You can test Algocalypse Now online. Enjoy the game!

Published on March 25, 2019