Feedback of the structural glycoscience summer school

on the July 16, 2018

The third edition of the Structural Glycoscience Summer School took place in Grenoble, on July 2nd to 4th. It introduced and trained young scientists, from a chemistry or biology background to the most up-to-date approaches for determining the structural and dynamic properties of carbohydrates, glycan binding receptors, along with the analysis of their complexes.


The three-morning sessions were dedicated to conferences covering the major methodologies for the studies of protein-carbohydrate interactions with participation from scientists from ILL, IBS, CERMAV, DPM but also from the universities of Napoli, Maynooth, Leeds, and Lund.  Practicals were organized during the two afternoons. Small groups of trainees had the opportunities to follow demonstrations, at the CERMAV and at the IBS.  Hand-on sessions for molecular modeling and data analysis of calorimetry experiments were much welcome.  Particularly appreciated were the visits of the beamlines of the ESRF and the visualization of cellulose nanocrystals throughout a newly developed  Virtual Reality platform.

Conferences Visit-of-the-beamlines

The Summer School was co-organized by Glyco@alps and by the European Network PhD4GlycoDrug.  Altogether, 40 students from 21 nationalities participated in the summer school, which can, therefore, be described as a major international training event! The wine and cheese party at the poster session at the CERMAV, and the gala dinner offered excellent opportunities for creating a strong international network of young glycoscientists.

Poster session Gala dinner

The documents are available here

Published on August 23, 2018