Glyco@Alps recognised at Eurocarb

from July 2, 2017 to July 6, 2017

From 2 to 6 July 2017, the glycoscience community gathered in Barcelona for the 19th Eurocarb with a strong representation of Glyco@Alps.

The 19th Eurocarb Conference

EUROCARB is positioned as a leading symposium at the forefront of Glycosciences in Europe. Hosted by the Institut Quimic de Sarria, the conference offered a program consolidating the interplay between chemistry and biology to be attractive to both communities, and reinforce the needed interaction between glycochemistry, glycobiology, and applied glycosciences.

The conference aimed at showing the latest developments in the field, providing a forum for discussions and networking and highlighting the challenges and future trends in carbohydrate-related scientific disciplines and applied technologies.

Eurocarb 2017 gathered academia and industry to burst innovative technologies into application in a large diversity of fields, including medicine, nutrition and food sciences, material sciences, chemistry, biotechnology and bioeconomy.

Glyco@Alps at Eurocarb 2017

Glyco@Alps was well represented at the conference with 16 participants (1 from DPM, 7 from Cermav, 6 from DCM, 2 from IBS). Amongst these participants, 3 Glyco@Alps representatives were invited speakers (Cermav, DCM and IBS), 5 gave oral presentations and 4 presented a poster. The participation of 2 young scientists was sponsored by Glyco@Alps.

The participation of Glyco@Alps participants offered a strong recognition to the project: the 715 attendees to the conference, representing 40 countries, now know about Glyco@Alps!

Feedback from Silvia Achilli, Glyco@Alps PhD candidate

« I have participated with great pleasure to the this 19th European symposium. I had the possibility to present part of my PhD project (Artificial Tetrameric Lectins, TETRALEC, as a tool for multivalence enhancement) with a flash presentation and a poster.

All of the worldwide Glycoscience community was there, willing to discuss and share ideas. I had the chance to see in person some of our collaborators and it was the suitable moment to discuss about results and future publications.

Pr Bruce Turnbull, from the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds, attended the symposium as well and it was so exciting to be able to say hello to one of the most influential researcher for my project! 

Being 3rd year PhD student makes you think about your near future and attending an international symposium is the perfect opportunity to make yourself visible to some important researchers. And that it is exactly what happened for me: after my flash presentation, one professor from the Centre for Molecular Protein Science in Lund University (Sweden) shared his interest on starting a future collaboration.  

It has been such an inspiring experience, showing how collaboration is the key word for a successful research activity. »

Published on August 23, 2018