Glyco@Club at Eurocarb XX 2019

on the July 15, 2019

From June 30 to July 4, the glycoscience community gathered in Leiden (Netherlands) for the Eurocarb XX 2019. Three PhD students from Glyco@Club received fundings from Glyco@Alps to participate to this event.
Daniel MARQUEZ’s personal experience
Eurocarb is one of the main international conferences on chemistry of carbohydrates and proteins. It is held every two years and congregates the best researchers in these fields. This year, the Eurocarb XX event was organized in Leiden, The Netherlands; where I had the opportunity to be involved in a high-level scientific community, which aims to create an important network between researchers, post-docs, and PhD students from several laboratories. Attending this conference allowed me to present a poster and share my findings with a range of people within a rewarding scientific environment. It was also an opportunity to gain overview of the state-of-the-art of recent scientific breakthroughs and also to address major bottlenecks in glycoscience. As a second year PhD student, I found this experience valuable having different points of view and avenues for further research in the year following.

Rubal RAVINDER’s personal experience
I went to the Eurocarb congress […] thanks to Glyco@Alps funding. […] I had the opportunity to present a poster and to discuss with some other students and researchers from many countries working on the thematics as mine. This gave me many ideas for my thesis and many solutions for the problems that I encountered. I could also talk with my ex- or future colleague about how our work are going. This was a very nice and enriching opportunity.

François BULTEAU’s personal experience
I had the opportunity to present my work orally at a European congress on glycosciences […]. This is a great opportunity for me because it is the first time I have presented at a congress. […] This congress was also an opportunity to meet many people. I had a lot of discussions with Antonio Molinaro and Roberta Marchetti's students. But above all, I had a lot of discussions with Adèle Gabba, a 3rd year Irish doctoral student, and Helena Coelho, a Portuguese post-doctoral researcher, who are working on the same protein as I do. This allowed me to share valuable advice on many difficulties about the MGL.

Published on August 1, 2019