PhD students explain their research projects on video

on the November 9, 2020

Simona Notova and Dylan Jabeguero are both 2nd year PhD students at Cermav and are part of the synBIOcarb European Training Network. They made a video about their research projects.

Simona Notova is working on the engineering of neolectins and Janus lectins. The project combines synthetic biology and glycobiology in order to create new artificial lectins with double specificity, regulate valency, and reach strong avidity effect. Our research opens new possibilities in the field of lectin applications and Janus lectins could find the applications in cell targeting, drug delivery, and construction of biosensors.
Simona's webpage

Dylan Jabeguero is working on the 'Application of Glycosyltransferases to Functionalise Protocells'. The project explores the use of glycosyltransferases (GTs) as sythetic glycobiology tools for building sophisticated glycan-landscapes on the surface of artificial cells or tissues. This research has applications in tissue engineering, drug delivery and diagnostics.
Dylan's webpage

Discover Simona Notova's research project:

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Published on November 12, 2020