Thesis defense: Fleur Rol

on the February 1, 2019

At 9:30 a.m.
Fleur Rol from LGP2 will defend her thesis: "Cellulose pretreatment for a nanofibrillation by twin-screw extrusion".
This project aims at developing a new process to produce high solid content cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) decreasing the energy consumption and preserving the high quality compared to classic processes. Twin screw extrusion (TSE), industrially well-known, energy efficient and highly adaptable technique, was optimized to produce CNF at 20 wt% solid content. By decreasing considerably the water content, this new strategy improves the transport cost, the storage and widening the field of application and formulation. The objectives were to (i) develop new green pretreatments of cellulose fibers to facilitate the fibrillation and produce high quality functionalized CNF, (ii) optimize TSE screw profile and conditions to produce CNF and (iii) prepare new materials made of this new type of CNF. Four chemical pretreatments of cellulose fibers have been identified as industrially feasible, leading to high quality functionalized CNF and were widely studied and optimized. The nanofibrillation by TSE was simulated using a simulation software and TSE conditions were then successfully optimized. This cost-effective approach was validated at semi-industrial scale. Finally, different new applications with this new grade of CNF were considered.

Keywords: Nanocelluloses, Twin Screw Extrusion, Chemical functionalization
Published on January 31, 2019

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