One of the objectives of Glyco@Alps is to explore, inventory and evaluate the unique chemical and biological diversity of glycomolecules (oligo and polysaccharides, glycolipids) found in the Alps.
The prioritized axes are based on the following principles: firstly, to take into account the environmental conditions in high altitudes as a source of biodiversity to be explored; secondly, to evaluate the molecular diversity of oligosaccharides in a well-established alpine resources, i.e. forest and wood; thirdly, open a more prospective long-term program on original aspects of the Alpine biodiversity, i.e. microorganisms and microalgae.

Thus WP1 Glyco@Alps be rooted in our local territory, combining the exploration of the molecular diversity in an existing feedstock (wood), with the exploration of an unknown biodiversity (mountain microalgae), which valorization has a part of risk, but with an expected high added value.

Published on March 9, 2017