Glyco@Alps explore the role of glycoscience on the emergence and structuration of new industrial sectors by analyzing on the one hand their economic determinants and on the other hand the economic and environmental efficiency through a life cycle assessment.
The results provided by glycosciences have wide potential industrial applications in the health, cosmetic, sport, biomaterial, paper and wood industries, for instance. A specific emphasis will be given to the impact of glycosciences on mature industries and to analyze how they could be transformed and revived thanks to the development of new products and production processes. In parallel to the economic analysis, a life cycle analysis (LCA) will be performed on identified cases to study the environmental impacts of the new industrial process configuration.

The objectives are the identification of potential improvement levers to decrease environmental impacts (on the product, the process or the whole organization). This approach will be successful if at the end the provided life cycle models for LCA can be used in relation with the technico-economic analysis and if they provide means to companies (and more specifically to process and product designers) to make decision regarding environmental concerns.

Published on March 9, 2017