WP 2 : Glycobiomolecules

Work-package 2 will use all chemical and biological tools to produce bioactive glycans and explore their roles as biomarkers and therapeutics. WP2 aims at a better understanding of the biochemical pathways of glycan biosynthesis and assembly and use of the knowledge of their function to develop personalized medical care.


  • to decipher the glycocode on cell surface and plant, fungal and bacterial cell walls
  • to understand the complexity of protein-glycan interactions and their implications in health and diseases
  • to exploit this knowledge for applications in biotechnology and health.

Description of the work

  • Task 1: Characterization of new glycoenzymes and glycoreceptors.
  • Task 2: Design and synthesis of new glycomolecules, scaffolds and nano-objects.
  • Task 3: Design of glycotools for diagnosis and therapeutic applications.
International collaboration
Napoli Univ
CIC bioGUNE Bilbao and CIC biomaGUNE San Sebastian