WP 5 : Toward a glyco-economy: Innovation and sustainability

The major objective of WP5 is to explore the impact of glycosciences on the emergence and structuration of new industrial sectors by analyzing on the one hand their economic determinants and on the other hand the economic and environmental efficiency through a life cycle assessment. WP5 will be strongly related to WP1 to WP4 for exchange of information about industrial applications. In return, the results of WP5 will enlighten these WPs about the constraints and opportunities to diffuse their results in a sustainable way to the society.


  • to explore the role of glycosciences on the emergence of new industrial sectors and observe their impact on mature industries;

  • to analyze how these industries may be transformed by new products and, to perform their environmental impact life cycle analysis (LCA).

Description of the work

  • Task 1: Review of the literature and conceptual framework and selection of cases for economic and eco-design studies: a first case study will be the crystalline nanocelluloses.
  • Task 2: Data collection and qualitative and quantitative analysis (patents, reports interviews).
  • Task 3: Environmental and economic impact assessment modeling of life cycle scenarios.
  • Task 4: Proposition of a method to highlight potential economic and environmental impacts constraints and opportunities of new glycosciences products.
Contact with industries
Contact with Polynat Carnot Institute