Molecules & Materials

Glycans are complex molecules and Glyco@alps aims at deciphering of the glycocode, to understand the complexity of carbohydrate-protein interactions and to exploit this knowledge for applications in biology and health (therapeutic, diagnostic, theranostic).
Synthesis of molecular tools for applications in biology and health is one of the priority of the project.   In addition to producing and engineering glycomolecules, glyco- enzymes and lectins, new technologies will be enabled for characterizing all of these objects and probing protein-glycoconjugate interactions.

Glyco@alps will also take profit of the remarkable ability of sugars oligo- and polysaccharide to self organize into 2D or 3D structures that have outstanding properties most often difficult or even impossible to reproduce with synthetic materials. The complexity and cost efficiency of  natural structures (think of the cost and weight of a giant sequoia made of steel) is in that sense a source of inspiration to design biomimetic material, at least conceptually. In many cases, the hierarchy and organization level of the biological constructions requires a fine control at multi scales, from the molecular design to the structration at nano, micro and meso - scales

Published on March 9, 2017