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WP 3 : Glycotechnology, Glycoeconomy and Innovation

Work-package 3 is a highly interdisciplinary WP that will gather Glyco@Alps efforts to propose new hard/soft science technologies and methodologies for studying the potential of carbohydrates, from the bench of basic research laboratories to the production line of industries, while taking into account major societal and environmental considerations, such as product life cycle and sustainability.


  • to provide the community with panels of biomolecules for research in glycosciences;
  • to develop tools for characterizing single objects such as glycomolecules, glycoconjugates, lectins, glyco-enzymes;
  • to improve structural approaches for solving the structure of complex glycans and their interactions with receptors.
  • to explore the role of glycosciences on the emergence of new industrial sectors and observe their impact on mature industries
  • to analyze how these industries may be transformed by new products and, to perform their environmental impact life cycle analysis (LCA).

Description of the work

  • Task 1: Production and engineering of glycans and glycan-acting proteins.
  • Task 2: Novel analytical methods for characterizing glycomolecules.
  • Task 3: Improving methods for solving the structure of glycans and complexes with receptors. 
  • Task 4: Enabling glycobiology databases.

International collaboration


SIB Geneve


Weizman Instit.







  • A. Spinelli (SyMMES)
  • F. Corolleur (GAEL)
  • D. Evrard (G-SCOP)


  • SyMMES
  • MEM
  • DCM
  • LETI
  • GAEL
  • G-SCOP

Submitted on September 22, 2023

Updated on September 22, 2023