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WP 1 : Smart Glycomaterials and Alpine Glycoressources

Work-package 1 research will focus on two major themes: the development of new glycomaterials at different scales (from medical devices to housing) and the study and valorization of glycoresources from the Alps.


  • to take into account the environmental conditions in high altitudes as a source of biodiversity
  • to evaluate the molecular diversity of oligosaccharides in a well-established alpine resources, i.e. forest and wood;
  • to open a prospective long-term program on biodiversity (plants, microalgae, etc).
  • to develop vaolorisation of specific biomass (or by-products) coming locally from the Alps or pre-Alps

Description of the work

  • Task 1: Analyzing hemicellulose oligo and polysaccharides extracted from wood.
  • Task 2: Mapping the chemical diversity of glycomolecules from microalgae in the Alps.
  • Task 3: Organizing data in structure libraries and annotated databases.


Alga-based green chemistry



  • Y. Ogawa (CERMAV)
  • F. Pignon (LRP)


  • SAJF
  • PCV
  • LGP2
  • LRP
  • 3SR
  • AE&CC
  • LETI

Submitted on September 22, 2023

Updated on September 22, 2023