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Feedback on 2023 grants for PhD students and young researchers

On September 17, 2023


Glyco@Club offered 5 grants for PhD students and young researchers who attended a scientific event to present their work in 2023.

TAPPI Nano 2023 Conference  in Vancouver

J_FrevilleEmilien Fréville, PhD student from LGP2 and beneficiary from a Glyco@Alps travel grant, presented an oral communication at TAPPI Nano 2023 Conference  in Vancouver :
"Taking part in the TAPPI Nano 2023 conference was a rich and fruitful opportunity. Rich in knowledge, since in four days academic and industrial innovations in the field of nanocelluloses are on display. The special feature of TAPPI Nano is that the proportion of participants from industry and academia is roughly equivalent. It's a conference that leaves plenty of time for exchanging ideas on the presentations, and there are several other events where you can expand your network. As a result, I was able to expand my network considerably, and obtain possible collaborations for my thesis project and for the rest of my career. Beyond the scientific aspect, the conference was held in Vancouver, Canada. This was the first time I'd set foot in the land of the 'native nations'. It was therefore an opportunity to discover the culture and way of life in Vancouver. It was also a personal enrichment. Thanks to GlycoAlps for being part of this adventure."


Eurocarb 21 / July 2023 - Paris

B_MoubarakBatoul Moubarak, PhD student from CERMAV, and LPCV was granted with a Glyco@alps travel funds to present her research on plant galactosyltransferase. Her work was selected for oral communication and she did a great job !!




On September 17, 2023

Submitted on September 26, 2023

Updated on September 26, 2023