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Glyco@alps  has recruited PhD students on interdisciplinary projects co-directed by two teams of IDEX or in international collaborations. In addition all young doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in Grenoble interested in Glycosciences are welcome in the Glyco@Club !

These students have been recruited through a highly selective process (targeting 50% of foreign applicants) for nucleation of a larger “Glyco@Club of Young Scientists”.  This program is transverse to the existing doctoral schools. The aim is to provide high quality, interdisciplinary training in the field of glycosciences and their applications to the large group of PhD students and post-docs involved in glycosciences located in Grenoble (about 100 young scientists). Career development activities are routinely managed by the Doctoral College at UGA. In addition, some courses are dedicated to professional insertion (e.g. partnership with local business schools).

The project takes advantage of the participation of environmental scientists, economists, architects and industrial partners (also potential recruiters) to introduce fields that are often excluded from the world of a glycoscientist. Social network community is supported and organization of social events by the Glyco@Club is encouraged.

PhD students of Glyco@Club 


Esperance Aho

Cross-linking of Heparan Sulfate induced by Proteins: structural remodeling of Glycocalyx and functional effect IBS & IAB

Emma Colombari

DESICELL : Design approach for new recyclable cellulosic based materials in building industry LGP2 & CRAterre/AE&CC

Stasa Velickovic

Combining selective DNP-NMR and site-specific labeling to study active sites of large biomolecular assemblies: the case of bacterial endosulfatases MEM & NMR-Bio

Rebecca-Joe Boustany

Remodelling Of The Cell Surface Heparan Sulfates By Extracellular Sulfatases Sulfs IBS

Batoul Moubarak

Biogenesis of photosynthetic membranes: structurale and dynamic role of galactolipid synthases CERMAV & LPCV

Palig Karaminassian

Degradation of complex glycans by yeasts of the human intestinal microbiota. CERMAV

Yara Awad

Structural and functional study of enzymes targeting complex polysaccharides. IBS

Poushalee Dutta

Molecular insight into Chondroitin Sulfate polymerase complexes IBS
Paul Aguirre Development of self-assembled core-shell structures biomimetic of plant cells. LRP & CERMAV

Yadiel Vasquez

  CERMAV & Max Planck Institute at Potsdam


Submitted on September 22, 2023

Updated on April 12, 2024