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Feedback on "Woman in Science and Click Chemistry"


On December 14, 2023

Workshop at cite scolaire

On November 20, Angela Martin Serrano Ortiz from DCM organized a workshop “Woman in Science and Click Chemistry” at the Cité Scolaire International de Grenoble

In the GlycoAlps community we are so proud of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to Carolyn Bertozzi in 2022 that even a year after we keep on celebrating. On November 20, the workshop “Woman in Science and Click Chemistry” was held at the Cité Scolaire International de Grenoble. The workshop, attended by 50 5th and 6th grade students, was funded by GlycoAlps and designed by Angela Martín-Serrano Ortiz, postdoctoral researcher at the Multiglyco group of the Department of Molecular Chemistry (DCM). The workshop aimed to highlight the role of women in science, and it provided a simple and visual explanation of the concepts of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry. Additionally, a participatory demonstration was conducted to showcase the use of this type of chemistry in the preparation of antibody-recruiting molecules to figth cancer and infections, projects on which Angela Works during her postdoc. This was only the first of more sessions to come in 2024.

The workshop's focus on bioorthogonal chemistry is particularly relevant, as it has gained prominence in the field of chemistry and its applications in biomedical research. Bioorthogonal chemistry, pioneered by researchers like Carolyn Bertozzi, allows for specific chemical reactions to take place in complex biological systems without interfering with the native biochemical processes. Carolyn Bertozzi, a prominent figure in the field, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2022 for her pioneering work in bioorthogonal chemistry. Her research has contributed to the development of new tools for studying glycan biology, which is relevant to biological processes and diseases such as cancer and inflammation.

The workshop “Woman in Science and Click Chemistry” not only serves to inspire young students and highlight the role of women in science but also provides valuable insights into cutting-edge scientific concepts and their applications in addressing real-world challenges, such as fighting cancer and infections. The workshop's emphasis on the work of researchers like Carolyn Bertozzi helps to showcase the significant contributions of women in scientific advancements and serves as a platform to encourage more young women to pursue careers in science and chemistry.

(Text by Angela Martin Serrano Ortiz )


On December 14, 2023


Complément lieu

the Cité Scolaire International de Grenoble

Submitted on December 13, 2023

Updated on December 20, 2023