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Feedback on Glyco@Club Days 2023


On December 20, 2023

group in snow

The Glyco@Club Days 2023 took place November 26th and 27th at Col de Porte. The young organizers and the participants enjoyed excellent science, soft skill training and social activities under fresh snow.

After the initial initial planning meeting held in July and the motivation and efforts of the young organising committee, the big days of the The GlycoClub Days arrived last November 26th to 27th. The event was held at Les Trois Sommets in Col de Porte, and gathered 25 PhD and postdoc students from various laboratories, including LGP2, CERMAV, DCM, LRP, IBS, and MEM. The two-day event was characterized by snowfall, creating a beautiful white landscape. Attendees enjoyed engaging talks covering all work packages of GlycoAlps by leading researchers from the Grenoble area, along with short talks and a poster session where students presented their research work. Additionally, two workshops were conducted to provide students with tips for improving their oral communication skills during presentations. As a social activity, the attendees enjoyed a short snow walk.

Attending this event is of paramount importance for young members of GlycoClub. It provides a unique opportunity for networking, allowing attendees to connect not only with their peers, but also with established experts and speakers in the field of glycoscience. This interaction is invaluable for sharing knowledge, gaining insights, and building collaborative relationships that can significantly impact their future careers.

Presentation Prizes were awarded to Emma Colombari for the best short talk and to Fanny Bosson and Stasa Velickovic for the best posters. Upon returning, the students had a small anecdote that reminded them of the oral communication workshop's advice on adaptability and breath control. The GlycoClub students are looking forward to organizing the next edition of GlycoClub Days in 2024.

(text by Angela Martin Serrano Ortiz)




On December 20, 2023


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