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WP 4 : Communication and training

WP 4 will act for the visibility of Glyco@Alps at the national and international level. Attraction of talented PhD students will be based on the implementation of a strong community of young glyco-scientists, with international visibility. WP6 activity will also be transversal to the other WPs for the organisation of summer-schools and scientific symposia with partners of the European network of glyco-centers of excellence that will be established during the project.


  • to create a doctoral program (Glyco@Club) dedicated to the training in glycosciences;
  • to help young scientists create an international network of glycoscientists;
  • to promote glycosciences to a broader audience.

Description of the work

  • Task 1: Organization of the recruitment of PhD students in coordination with WP7.
  • Task 2: Promoting participation of PhDs in international conferences and encourage mobility.
  • Task 3: Organization of scientific events in glycosciences in Grenoble.
  • Task 4: Communication and dissemination

International collaboration

Network of European Glycocenters

EEC applications


  • C. Bougault (IBS)
  • C. Breton (CERMAV)

Submitted on September 22, 2023

Updated on September 22, 2023