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Realisation from 2023 TerCel workshop at ENSAG

On September 17, 2023


Thanks to support from Glyco@Alps, students in ENSAG Master program “Design, Résilience, Habiter” were able to take part in the TerCel workshop on the theme of "Exploration by design of earth/cellulose composite materials”.

The three weeks project was focused on “The waste of the world before will be the resources of the world after”. The funding obtained enabled two research laboratories to collaborate on bio- and geo-sourced materials. LGP2 specializes in the valorization of plant biomass, biorefineries, the design of biobased materials, paper/cardboard and new printing processes. And the expertise of the CRAterre laboratory is focused on building systems and vernaculars using raw earth.

In an ecologically constrained context, which calls for us to rethink the efficiency and sobriety of our constructions, it is essential to think about the adaptability of buildings to climate change, notably through the use of earth/clay and cellulose to design finishing materials with a low carbon footprint.

Different formulations of earth/cellulose fibers/cellulose microfibrils have been used to create a variety of interior elements, including claustras, chandeliers, relief wall coverings and plasterwork. The finishing aspects were designed to improve the comfort of the spaces in terms of acoustics, hygrothermics and aesthetics.


Credit :  Emma Colombari (PhD student at LGP2 and member of Glyco@Club).  TerCel workshop was organized by Milena Stefanova and Arnaud Misse from ENSAG




On September 17, 2023

Submitted on September 26, 2023

Updated on September 26, 2023